1-1. ロナルド(インドネシア特派員・ジャカルタ)

About Indonesian Market:
Nowadays Indonesian Market is one of the promising one globally as our leveraged economic statement and raising new type of brands and industries. These would open very wide opportunity for investors and players as our capital is keep raising throughout the year. Also as the open relationship between Indonesia and Japan creates less boundaries for business between the two countries and makes a good profitable partner for both business side.
About me:
Ronald is a brand & research enthusiast and a professional marketer with proven experiences in marketing research and brand management;
He is a specialist in gathering the most qualified and reliable market information and create substantial strategic marketing plan also carry out brand activation and trade marketing effort for the successful market penetration. He has the right combination of sharp analytic ability and creative vision that will contribute significantly for the brands.
Visitor Message:
Halo Semua, sangat senang bisa tergabung dalam sesama entusias dalam brand dan sosial media. Tentunya saya akan siap membantu Anda dalam setiap pertanyaa seputar brand dan marketing di Indonesia.

1-2. アハマッド鹿野(インドネシア特派員)

assalamu alaikum wr.wb. Perkenalkan nama saya achmad shikano seorang warga negara Jepang beragama islam. saya sebagai koresponden di Asia Click khususnya di bidang Konsultan pasar Indonesia untuk perusahaan Jepang.

Serta bergerak di bidang Pariwisata Jepang khusus untuk kunjungan warga negara Indonesia

Jika ada yang bisa saya bantu, jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menghubungi saya, sebisa mungkin saya akan membantu

2-1. シャロン(シンガポール特派員)

Hello! My name is Sharon Ng and I was born and raised in Singapore. I studied Japanese since Secondary School (middle school) until Junior College (senior high school). I visited Hamamatsu when I was 15 for an exchange programme and fell in love with the country. I graduated from Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA programme in 2012 and am well-versed in globalisation of Japanese companies and the Japanese business culture. Through my interactions with the C-suites of Japanese companies, from small and medium enterprises to MNCs, I am acutely aware of the issues and concerns regarding the globalisation and localisation of Japanese companies, especially in the South-east Asian region. I am currently a Systems Consultant in a major Japanese consulting company in Singapore. All of our clients are Japanese companies, but I hope that the business can expand to non-Japanese companies as well.

2-2.Roger Ong(シンガポール特派員)

Roger Ong写真
Comment about the Singapore market:
Make no mistake: Singapore is one of the most competitive markets in the world. It has a population of 5 million, and a society that is multi-racial, forming a complex yet unique market landscape. Being a hub for meritocratic success, Singapore has seen many successes and failures of different businesses, with the plethora of goods and services weeds the unprepared out of the industry. Leveraging on both strengths of Singapore in both market diversity and business support, and seeking to understanding and love your target audience, is your route to success.
I am first and foremost, a global citizen. I look beyond cultural boundaries, keeping an open mind to differences, while connecting with similarities, and celebrating the opportunities. If you believe in your customers, and share a common core with them, then you are my kind of person. I'm into social good and marketing. And karaoke.
Messages for potential clients:
You already know that having a great product or service alone is not enough for success. We need to understand our target market, to show them why we share the same values as them. The right local insights are your first steps towards the wonderful opportunities awaiting for you in Asia!

3. エー(タイ特派員)

タイは農産食品の巨大なマーケット、場所的にもAECのロジスティクスの中心地、観光地として も人気な国です。現地では幅広いビジネスチャンスがあり、現在タイ進出日本企業は約4000社も あります。
日本のPOP-CULTUREや技術が大好きなタイ人で専門は日本語の通訳家です。広い世界を歩いて 写真を撮ったりするもの好きですが、パソコンをつけてSNSを観察するのも違う深みで楽しいで す。マーケティング3.0時代にSNSは最強!!だと信じています。

4. Chinnawat Pimmalad(ラオス特派員)

Chinnawat Pimmalad:
My name is Chinnawat Pimmalad or you can call me Chin, I am a university. I was born in Xayabury province in the north part of Laos. I studied primary school and high school in my home town. I moved to Vientiane the capital of Laos since 2011. Now I am studying at RBAC it’s a popular university in Laos and my major in Business Administration. This year is the last year of my studying. I like this major because I am interested in business and someday I want to do my own business but anyway I need more experiences about it and I also hope to continue MBA in broad.

5. Sandii(マレーシア特派員)

Comment on Market in Malaysia:
Malaysia has a very huge market potential for many businesses. Food, cosmetics and healthcare are sectors that attract many investors here. If you know the trend and understand the Malaysian lifestyle well, opening a business here can be very profitable. The market trend has been evolving every now and then but the lifestyle of the people remains the same. Follow AsiaClick blog to learn more about Malaysia!
Introduction of Myself:
こんにちは! 私の名前は Sandii です。 マレーシアからきました。 私は日本語を少し話せます。 Hi, I’m Sandii Lim. I am a Malaysian Chinese, born and raised in Malaysia. I speak Malay, English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hokkien. Recently I am picking up another additional language, the beautiful Japanese Language. I am a simple person and like many other girls; I have girly hobbies like gardening, cooking and crafting. I am passionate in the things I do. I do lots of boxes and gift packaging during my free time. I love to share and I sincerely enjoy helping people; even strangers, because I embrace the smiles of people around me. Let us all share our lives in this wonderful corner of the globe and make it a place anyone would lay their hearts on.
Message to Clients:
Malaysia is truly a land of hidden treasures, if you know where to pan for the gold. Market demand of many sectors is always high, regardless of good or bad economy times. With high demand of buyers, the market never really gets quiet! While economists and business experts may help a lot in your business, I believe that the real key to understand the market is to mingle around the common people!

6. Ai san(ベトナム・ラオス特派員)

Ai san:
Sabaidee (Hello), my name is Ai Bounthawee Vanhnathum (Ai san), correspondent of Lao and Vietnam. I am Lao and also currently study in Vietnam.

Vietnam is such an amazing country with delicious traditional foods, travel destination, people are smile to welcome visitors and be always friendly. More important point, Vietnam is one of the most attractive destination worldwide for investment and manufacturing site, because of its growing population and educated young people for cheaper labour intensives.

Meanwhile my beautiful mother land, Laos, it has a mixed economy in which the government has implemented gradual economic and business reforms to liberalize its domestic markets. Laos is a member of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Laos' economy is heavily dependent on capital-intensive natural resource exports. Top industries in Laos are: Mining (Copper, Tin, Gold, Gypsum); Timber; Electric Power; Agricultural Processing.

7. Rossiel Tubice(フィリピン特派員)

About Philippine Market:
Philippines, as one of the emerging economy in the market today, is considered as a newly industrialized country. Transitioning from one based agriculture to more on services and manufacturing. Also is Tag as one of the Tiger Cub economies. Philippine Economy has been growing steadily for the past decades and reported as 39th largest economy in the world by International Monetary Fund(IMF). In addition , a number of multinationals have outsourced operations to the Philippines.
My Introduction:
Hi, Im Rossiel Tubice, from the Philippines, Im currently working as an accounting associate in a private company here in the Philippines. I finished a 4yrs course in Business major in Accountancy in University of the East , Philippines. One of my hobbies is watching anime and dramas, especially in Japanese, so I guess that’s the reason why I am fascinated by Japan and its culture. I went to Japan once and I find it quite amazing.Basically Im learning Japanese so Im just a novice, so I hope i can learn a lot here, not only Japanese but also different culture and languages . By the way, If there are any questions about me or my country, I will greatfully answer your questions with all my knowledge. I am thankful to Asiaclick that it gives me the opportunity to meet great new people and expand my horizons.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!

8-1. Kim Chenda(カンボジア特派員)

Kim Chenda
Handle Name:
Kompong chhnang Province
Special ability:
Friendly, Struggle and try
Khmer ;Vietnam; English; Japanese

8-2. Chhouk Channraksmey(カンボジア特派員)

Chhouk Channraksmey
Handle Name:
Mey Chan (マイチャン)
Reading Books, Listening Music, Watching TV and Search Internet
Khmer (Native languages) ;English (Average);Japanese (Good)

9-1. しおり(香港特派員)

Hello I am Shiori from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a world city and also a world-class business center. Since you could enjoy the free market here so I think it is a good opportunity to start up new business in Hong Kong. I was graduated from hospitality and tourism school. Although my subject of study is not business, I still want to use my knowledge to build up the connection between Hong Kong, Japan and also Asia. Not just business issues but also want to share the tourism and other kinds of information of Hong Kong or Japan to Asia.

9-2. ベン(香港特派員)

Hong Kong is a dynamic and fast moving city. It harbor some of the most qualified professionals in the world with an all-inclusive government support and legislation. Although in recent years, some decline has been shown in the local economy, Hong Kong still prove to be the most important strategic location, as it allows incorporation to easily build connection to businesses in Mainland China as well as International Companies.
Ben is from HK and he has studied not only Japanese language but also Japanese business scenes in order to integrate a broader business platform in Asia.

10. 下垣 裕美子(ロンドン特派員・ロンドン大学アジア・アフリカ研究所)

下垣 裕美子写真
総人口・5.8億人、総GDP・2.3兆米ドルという成長市場。日本からの投資先第一位はASEANの32.1%(次は30.7%の中国)。そして、親日。 企業・人同士の成長を考えるのであれば、若く、勢いがあり、勤勉で、日本を好きでいてくれているASEANをパートナーに選ばない理由を見つける方が難しいくらいです。数字、人、国同士の繋がり・歴史、その全てが物語っています。 アジアクリックは、これまでクライアント様のご相談を、ASEAN各国にいる特派員と共にインターネットを媒介としてASEANの現地人の方々が「知る、繋がる、上手くいく」プロセスをビジネスとして確立させ、win-winとなる関係作りのお手伝いをしてまいりました。幸いなことに、クライアント様からは売上だけではなく、ASEAN市場に関する知識、そしてASEANの消費者の方々への感謝・愛情、更にはASEANへの独自のネットワークまでもが広がったとのお声を多数いただいております。アジアクリックは、ASEAN特派員と共に、ビジネスのその先を見据えた成長をコンサルティングさせていただきます。(顧問・下垣裕美子)

Asia Click is the online strategic consulting firm, which is located in Singapore and has 20 correspondents in ASEAN overall. We would like to support you to access to the most blooming economic region, ASEAN, which has grown by 5% a year with professional correspondents and our singular online strategy. With a population of more than 600 million and a nominal GDP of $2.31 trillion, ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations), made up of Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, is fast becoming a major economic force in Asia and a driver of global growth. Here in ASEAN, faster is better with trustworthy and wider networking partner. Any inquiry is welcome. (Yumiko SHIMOGAKI)


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